How the RoundTable Technology Website Was Built, Part 1

Building the RoundTable Technology website went about as well as I could have imagined. The process was fun and educational, the people I worked with were awesome, and the final product exceeds my expectations completely. I thought it might be useful to write up a case-study of what I learned, which could also serve as something of an outline for how a website like this gets built, how much it costs, how much time it takes, what sort of people are needed, and what tools are used.

I'll break it down into three separate posts:

Part 1: Overview of project and key details

Part 2: Narrative of project from start to finish

Part 3: Lessons learned and takeaways


On to part 1, the overview.

One Sentence Overview

The RoundTable Technology website was built by three people, in 8 weeks, for $3,500, using WordPress.

The People and the Numbers

Client, RoundTable Technology,
Developer and Designer*, Ethan Wright-Magoon,
Project Manager, Jessica Putnam Peskay, [email protected]

*On many projects, the designer and developer will be two different people, since those roles involve two different skill sets. With Ethan, we were fortunate enough to work with a talented graphic designer who is also a skilled developer.


Designer/Developer, $1,500

Project Manager, $1,500

Logo design, $280

Webhosting, $100

Domain, $20

Content, $100 (so far)

Total (to date): $3,500


8 weeks from start to launch

About 20 hours of my time within those 8 weeks

Platform and tools:

Built on WordPress, using a WordPress template.

Hosted by Dreamhost

Logo designed via 99Designs logo contest

Google Apps ( was used for project communication and documentation


In Part two of this post, I’ll break down the project from start to finish.

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