Is Google Drive Sync going away?

Is Google Drive Sync going away?

Yes and no. The older tool (Google Drive for Mac/PC) is being replaced by Backup and Sync, which functions much the same way as the existing Google Drive for Mac/PC.

The earlier sync client, Drive for Mac/PC, will no longer be supported by Google as of December 11, 2017 and will be discontinued and cease to function as of March 12, 2018.

As another alternative as of September 26th, 2017, Google has made a new service called “Drive File Stream” available to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) customers.

Drive File Stream is intended to replace the Google Drive Sync client, which will be “deprecated” by Google and can no longer be used after March 12th, 2018. It can also be used instead of Backup and Sync.

Does this impact me?

If you use Google Drive AND you sync your Google Drive information to your local computer using Google Drive for Mac/PC, then this impacts you.

Google Drive is going away notification

If you only access your Drive from a web browser and do not sync anything locally then this will not impact you.

What are my options?

If you or anyone at your organization uses the Google Drive for Mac/PC client, you will need to replace it with either Drive File Stream or Backup and Sync.

If you go with Backup and Sync that will replace your existing Sync and will retain your settings but also give you the option to backup your Desktop, Document and Photos to Drive as well.

If you chose to use Drive File Stream you will need to reselect the folder you want accessible offline and then remove the old Sync tool. There are some additional considerations in using Drive File Stream so you may want to contact us we’d love to help you out.

What are the differences between Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync?

Google has provided a helpful comparison grid you can view here.

Here is the information Google provides on the differences between Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync:

There are two ways to access Google Drive files and keep them in sync on all your devices. Drive File Stream is best for most organizations.

Drive File Stream lets you stream My Drive and Team Drive files directly from the cloud which:
- Frees up disk space and network bandwidth
- Decreases sync time
- Minimizes the amount of company data stored on users’ hard drives

You can also make Drive files available for offline access. These cached files sync back to the cloud when you're online, so the latest version is available on all your devices.

Backup and Sync is our consumer sync client, but organizations can use it, too. With Backup and Sync, all your Drive content is stored locally.

I don’t see an option to download Drive File Stream. How can I get access to Drive File Stream?

Drive File Stream may need to be enabled by an administration of the G Suite domain. Instructions for doing so can be found at this link.

What Does RoundTable recommend?

RoundTable staff have been using Drive File Stream for several months as part of the beta program. We have found it to be a more useful sync tool than Drive for Mac/PC, especially for frequent offline use of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Your experience may be different, but we support Google’s recommendation that most people will be best served by using Drive File Stream.

What should I do if I want additional help?

Contact us! We’d love to help you out.