2-Minute Training to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

2-Minute Training to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

We take security seriously at RoundTable and we want to share some safe email tips with you to help avoid security breaches or other incidents that may disrupt your work.

RoundTable can provide personalized cybersecurity awareness training as well, but in the meantime, these tips can help. Watch the video or read our tips below.




If you get an email that appears to be from Microsoft, RoundTable or even your own colleague and you have any suspicious that it might fraudulent, ALWAYS VERIFY before acting on it. BEFORE you click a link or open an attachment, contact RoundTable or contact your colleague to VERIFY the legitimacy of the message in question.

Verification is a single action that can protect against the vast majority of scams, email and otherwise. If you don’t have time to verify, you certainly don’t have time to deal with a breach.

How to recognize scams

You can learn to recognize a scam by familiarizing yourself with some of the telltale signs.

Scams often contain one or more of the following elements:

  • Urgent messages that your account is suspended or will be.
  • Requests to wire money or pay invoices
  • Purport to come from well-known entities (Microsoft, UPS, the IRS, etc.)
  • Attachments
  • References to recent events in the news

If you think you have been a victim of a scam

If you suspect that you've responded to a phishing scam with personal or financial information, take these steps to minimize any damage and protect your identity.

  • Notify RoundTable
  • Immediately change the passwords or PINs on all your online accounts that you think might be compromised.
  • Contact the vendor directly. Do not follow links in email messages if it can be avoided.

Don’t be embarrassed.

These types of scams are getting more and more sophisticated every day. We are long past the days of the “Nigerian Prince” with poor English skills asking for your help getting millions of dollars out of Nigeria.

Anyone can be fooled by a well-crafted and executed scam. By being vigilant and always verifying you can make yourself much less vulnerable, but very smart people get fooled all the time.

If you think you have been fooled by a scam, please do not let embarrassment prevent you from notifying someone immediately so we can take action. The sooner we know about the breach, the sooner we can act to limit the damage.

Any questions, let us know.

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