Past Event—In-Person Training—Cybersecurity for Nonprofits and Mission Driven Businesses—March 21

Past Event—In-Person Training—Cybersecurity for Nonprofits and Mission Driven Businesses—March 21


When: March 21, 2019, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST

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This one day intensive on cybersecurity will be held at Civic Hall, in NYC. Details here.


Cybersecurity is a constant challenge for all organizations. Heck, just keeping up with the pace of technological change is a herculean task all by itself. People and organizations are faced with a virtual blizzard of new technology every day and, in trying to improve our organizations, we have to evaluate and adopt new technologies all the time. We must also think about how these changing technologies impact the security of our organization, our information, our clients, constituents and staff.


This course will help students build a solid foundation for those looking to significantly improve their literacy around digital security. The course will focus on both strategy and tactics, helping students learn foundational security skills that will apply for years to come, while also delving into the specific tactics and tools that are most relevant today. Whether you are just starting on your cybersecurity career, looking to help make your organization more secure, or looking to develop literacy and skills around cybersecurity, this course is for you.


Joshua Peskay is the Vice President of Technology Strategy at  RoundTable Technology and an accomplished technology leader with more than two decades of experience managing technology for New York City nonprofit organizations. Joshua is a dynamic and engaging public speaker with a proven track-record for developing, implementing and supporting a wide range of successful technology solutions for nonprofits. Prior to becoming vice president of RoundTable, Joshua served as Director of Information Technology at the Fund for the City of New York, where he oversaw a program that provided technology services to over one thousand NYC nonprofits.

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