March Cybersecurity Tip: Put the Phish on Ice

March Cybersecurity Tip: Put the Phish on Ice


Phishing is not a new attack vector, but it is dangerous one that causes 90% or more of all successful cyberattacks. What’s more, phishing emails have become far more advanced, using convincing design and high-tech tactics to fool even the most skeptical. So how can you recognize – and prevent damage from – a modern phishing email?

Read more on Defendify’s blog post, Put the Phish on Ice, and learn the acronym ICE (no, not that one):

  • Inspect messages carefully—look closely at the email address, domains, words, and links.
  • Confirm any message received that was unexpected or that you’re wary of—don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call and verify legitimacy.
  • Eliminate messages that seem, well, fishy. Important! Be sure to check your company's policy: Some will ask that that you report them to your IT team, then delete; others will ask that you immediately delete anything suspicious.

Read more on Defendify’s blog, Put the Phish on Ice.