Employee Spotlight: Kim Snyder

Employee Spotlight: Kim Snyder

Kim with her partner Mary

What do you do at our company?

I am VP of Data Strategy, and my focus is on data strategy for RoundTable and for our clients. We have adopted quite a data culture over the past few years. I regularly bring data visualizations into our all-staff meetings, and I love hearing others ask questions that I would not have thought of when they examine the data. I am also very grateful that I get to put my Agile Certificate (yes, I really have one) to work at RoundTable. While I am no Agile purist, I find there is much to be gained in adopting an Agile mindset as part of an organization’s everyday work. What does that mean? Adopting a plan-do-check-act approach, and then doing those four things.

What do you ACTUALLY do at our company?

My work at RoundTable is a wonderful blend of direct client work and internal work for RoundTable. Generally speaking, my work with clients is in the area of business analysis, systems assessment and data culture capacity building. I am also working on data culture capacity building for RoundTable, where I dig into the trenches of our central data system, Autotask, and work with teams to use data for continuous improvement.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

My first language was a mash-up of Chinese and Italian. My family was living in Florence, Italy when I was just starting to acquire language.

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself.

My mother took me to a giant doll store and said I could have any doll I wanted, and I walked out with Wednesday from the Addams Family.

My mother inadvertently entered me in a baby beauty contest, and when it was photo time I wouldn’t stop crying so somewhere there is a picture of crying me surrounded by three smiling babies.

As an introverted child, I shocked both of my parents when I raised my hand for a talent show and stated that I would do the twist.

Spoiler alert: This is a major hint about whether the "twist" story is true or not.

What types of technology do you most enjoy supporting?

It’s not a type of technology, but a type of interacting with technology. I most enjoy supporting the aspect of technology where tech meets the end-user. I have spent most of the past 25 years helping people to use technology. Enjoyment comes from demystifying data systems and watching people’s eyes light up when data points are transformed into meaningful information.

Do you prefer in-person or troubleshooting from afar?

I prefer in-person work when possible, and if it’s not always possible I vastly prefer having the opportunity to meet at least once in person. My work involves learning about an organization’s business requirements, how people do their work, what types of information they need to access and produce. Video calls are fine for this level of communication, though they are much richer if we’ve had a chance to meet.

Favorite thing about YOUR IT environment

My large scale second monitor. It’s the equivalent of working in stereo and without it, it feels like listening to an opera in mono. My desire for the second monitor is so great that I use my iPad as a second monitor when on the road for work. That said, I don’t hold a candle to my colleagues with 4 monitors.

How did you start your career in IT?

My mother paid for a computer class for $100 where I learned how to word process with WordStar. She reminds me of that $100 to this day. It was many years before I officially went into the business of IT, and in between I got a Masters Degree in Social Work. I got my start in the area of technology capacity building with a fellow RoundTabler, Joshua Peskay. We worked for a non-traditional mental health organization as social worker/geeks. We built a website in a weekend on FrontPage and then went to work on a Sybase database that was pre-Cloud and too far ahead of its time.

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