2-Minute Training on Busting A Myth About Change

2-Minute Training on Busting A Myth About Change


This month our focus is on Change Management so we have a quick training busting a myth that people resist change. Watch the video and/or read the transcript below.

Today’s training is busting a myth about change. If you want to make change at your organization, you might hear something like this, “Yeah, but people hate change.” I’m here to dispense with this common idea that people don’t like change, because if you think about it for a minute, we all make major changes in our lives willingly and of our own accord. For example, we might move from one house to another or from one city to another, we might have a baby, which is an incredibly major change to our lives. We might decide to get more fit, which takes a huge amount of work. We might start a new job, which is a huge change. We do these things of our own accord and willingly. So if we hated change, why would people do these things?

It’s not that people hate change, so what is going on?

Here’s the thing. If we are at our current state and we want to get to a better, desired state, in the middle of that is this hard work, and it’s this hard work that people are nervous about. And again, people don’t mind hard work, a lot of us work hard all the time. So what we’re concerned about is not having the time to work hard, not knowing what work we have to do, knowing whether this change is the right change to make and worrying that because of this change that we might look or sound stupid or not be viewed as as competant as before. These are the concerns that people have about change that can make change hard and make people resist change. It is not that people hate change.

If we approach change with the idea that people hate change, then we’re not going to be great advocates for our organization. So, what do we do? We ask instead: how can we help make the change?

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