Employee Spotlight: Jeff Pelletier

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Pelletier

Jeff Pelletier

How did you start your career in IT?

I graduated from Southern Maine Technical College and I got started in tech by doing phone support for a dial-up internet service provider inside a giant canvas bubble building.

I have worked with colleague and friend Christian Breau (RoundTable’s Customer Success Manager) at several different places. Back in high school we worked together at Sears. I worked in the warehouse unloading trucks and Christian worked in hardware, selling tools. I also worked with Christian at North Country Associates, who own and manage nursing homes, and also at Nexus Management. At Nexus, Christian led help desk support and I did engineering. And the next time my career intersected with Christian was here at RoundTable Technology. I’ve also known Evan Desjardins (RoundTable’s President and CEO) since we became friends in 7th grade.

What do you do at our company?

I fix stuff, migrate stuff, build stuff, help others with fixing stuff...I mostly fix complicated problems or help others on our team figure out the next step with whatever they are working on. My main focus is on network and server related projects, network firewalls, and upgrades.

What are one or two hobbies you enjoy?

I always enjoy figuring out how things work. One example is that I made my own soda machine for my kitchen. I thought I would save money on soda, and while the soda fountain idea is great for a restaurant to sell drinks, we really don’t get that much use out of it at home unless we have a party, because really, we don’t drink that much soda. But I built it because it was interesting.

I sometimes work on broken electronic equipment (if it’s worth trying to fix) and I fix cars. Oh, and 14 years ago, I built my house. It took a year and I worked on it at night and on weekends while my wife and I lived in my parent’s basement. I think I took it on because my dad worked in construction most of his career and we were given land as a wedding present. To get started and to dig the foundation, I rented an excavator and I tried it myself, but then I decided to hire someone for the day to run the machine. That was my approach all along. For certain tasks, I hired people when I knew I wouldn’t be efficient with it. I subbed out the foundation and plumbing and sheet rocking but I did all the electrical myself, and I did the rest of it with help from family and friends.

What's your favorite piece of tech?

Everything. Computers are fun. Video game systems. Cars. I like grilling because cooking with fire is fun. I want a Tesla but it will probably be a while. Someday I want to build a rat rod.

What is currently on your desk?

A Macbook Pro, Windows PC, four monitors on a stand, family pictures, a homemade amplifier, a small audio mixer, an acrylic dragon statue, a bunch of flash drives, a screwdriver, an old Chromecast, pens, paper scraps. (It’s a bit messy down here in the basement.) I work in my heated basement. I have lots of parts down here: old computer parts, broken stereo systems, some electronics, DJ equipment, old furniture. This is my work area, but upstairs, it’s our home space and not cluttered.

What are the biggest challenges in your work?

Dealing with crypto-malware and the restores related to it and also solving compatibility issues with software. (For example, older software not working on Windows 10 or newer software not working on older systems that are not upgraded for various reasons).

Favorite thing about YOUR IT environment

Everything is cloud-based and the tools we use work most of the time, and when they are not working it’s not always something I have to fix because It’s likely to be on the cloud provider’s side.

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