May Cybersecurity Tip: Going Beyond the Firewall

May Cybersecurity Tip: Going Beyond the Firewall


A firewall protects against unauthorized access by scanning traffic and controlling what information can pass through the network. Since firewalls work by filtering traffic based on source and type, they won’t catch threats that come from a “legitimate" origin, such as:

  • Social engineering, including phishing attacks
  • Malicious websites disguised by an SSL certificate
  • Human error and the insider threat

Phishing emails, for example, often make it through a firewall, as email is considered normal traffic. This is especially unsettling given that 90% of data breaches and incidents include a phishing component.

Think of a firewall like the walls of your house: they protect against unwanted intrusion, but if you leave the back door unlocked for a delivery, or the windows open for some fresh air, you’ve introduced a security hazard. Training employees and setting business policies minimizes the risk of a not-so-friendly intrusion...Read More

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