Zoom Security News

Zoom Security News


About the Security Issues with Zoom

News came out on July 9th reporting security issues with the Zoom web conferencing software. If you use Zoom and have the Zoom application installed on your computer, you may be vulnerable to the following threats:

  1. Access to your webcam by simply visiting a website designed to activate your webcam via Zoom
  2. Remote Control of your computer via a web server component installed by Zoom

Zoom has released an initial patch that became available on July 9th. They announced an additional patch that will be released Friday, July 12th, addressing additional security issues.

You can read more about the security issues and the patches here: Zoom security - what to do.


I do not use Zoom, does this impact me?

If you are a Mac user and previously used Zoom, then this may impact you and we encourage you to read the article linked above.

Otherwise, no.

Should we stop using Zoom?

If you have otherwise been satisfied with Zoom as a web conferencing platform, we do not recommend you change that based on this issue.

How can I protect myself?

If you have Zoom installed on your computer, please ensure you are running the latest version. Instructions for all platforms at this link: How to update Zoom

After updating to the latest version of Zoom, check that your video will not default ON when joining a video conference. Instructions for all platforms here.

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