2-Minute Training—Two-Factor Authentication

2-Minute Training—Two-Factor Authentication


We take security seriously at RoundTable and we want to share information with you to help you keep your accounts secure through a quick training on passwords and two-factor authentication.

RoundTable can provide personalized cybersecurity awareness training as well, but in the meantime, these tips can help. Watch the video and/or read our tips below.

Password Managers

All of us have many passwords we need to track. Using a Password Management Tool is strongly recommended. A password management tool like LastPass, KeePass or the aptly named 1Password, to name a few, autofill your passwords on sites you visit. Your account is secured by a single password (and two-factor authentication) so you only need to remember one password. The tools also auto-generate complex password strings for you that you don’t need to remember, and some will run a security check on your account to track if you’re using duplicate passwords.


As we note in the video, passwords today are broken because sometimes even a complex password isn’t enough.

Complex passwords alone...

  • can still get phished
  • might be reused in multiple places
  • can shared in insecure ways (e.g. plain text)
  • can be part of a larger breach or captured by keystroke loggers

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security to your accounts. Common forms are a fingerprint, an SMS code, or a code from an authenticator app. It only take a few seconds more to access accounts with two-factor authentication enabled. We recommend that you take advantage of these additional security features on your accounts.

Any questions, let us know.

If you want additional help with any of the topics covered in the article, you can contact RoundTable Technology here and we’d be happy to assist you.

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