November Cybersecurity Tip: Recycle Your Paper, Not Your Passwords

November Cybersecurity Tip: Recycle Your Paper, Not Your Passwords


Reduce Password Reuse

Employees use many different programs at work, and it can be tempting to reuse the same password for some or all accounts. This unsafe practice is called “password recycling,” and it’s quite prevalent: a recent report showed that 59% of people use the same password for just about everything.

A password, no matter how strong, loses its purpose when recycled (i.e. reused). Here’s how it works:

    1). An employee creates an account using their work email and a recycled password. For this example, let’s say they ordered pizza for the office (it could be from a local shop or large franchise, but keep in mind even large and reputable companies can be breached).

    2). The pizza restaurant stores the employee’s login and password in their database, which is then breached by a cyberattacker.

    3). The cyberattacker tries the password on common business accounts: Google, Office365, etc. until they find a match (or matches). They now have access to all the employee’s work accounts and sensitive information—far beyond pizza preferences.

Using unique passwords and 2FA for each account is the best way to avoid this chain reaction. Read more.

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