RoundTable’s COVID-19 Status as of 3/13/2020

RoundTable’s COVID-19 Status as of 3/13/2020


Dear Clients and Colleagues,

First and foremost, our thoughts are with everyone during this challenging time. We are all struggling to make decisions and preparations in a rapidly changing landscape.

RoundTable Technology, so far, is experiencing limited disruption to our overall operations. We have a big advantage in already being a predominately remote workforce, so the disruption to our operations is minimal. We are, however, starting to face challenges in providing onsite work which we will continue to review daily and work to make the best decisions we can.

RoundTable Technology is committed to helping and assisting in every way possible to provide a safe environment not only for your staff, but ours as well. We understand that having remote access to work computers and systems is a priority. Depending on your environment, there are different options for working remotely and we are working with customers to the best of our ability to enable remote working in a safe and reliable manner. If you do not currently have remote access capabilities the simplest and fastest way to add it is through LogMeIn.

Accordingly, for our managed support customers, we are waiving both one-time and recurring fees needed to setup LogMeIn and add new/additional users for the remote service, LogMeIn.

The nonprofit organization TechSoup provided a webinar on Thursday, 3/11/2020 that was packed with terrific information for nonprofits and small businesses to help them manage this pandemic. The recording, slide deck and a wide array of resources are available here.

Onsite service delivery is going to be limited during this time. We are reviewing CDC guidelines on a daily basis in the areas where we provide services. We are asking our engineers to take every precaution, including hand washing and hygiene, but also to work remotely and avoid public travel as much as possible. Each onsite request will be considered based on severity and emergent need. While we will make every reasonable effort to ease the burden for our clients during this pandemic, we are asking for understanding during this time with respect to onsite visits, which may be postponed until we feel they can be safely handled.

Our goal is to keep your staff and our staff as healthy, which means supporting your environments remotely wherever possible. The potential risks not only impact our engineers, but your staff as well. By working to limit exposure for all of us in the short term, we hope to do our part to limit the spread of this pandemic. In instances where onsite work is required, we request flexibility in your staff being our “hands-on-site” and our engineers will work as needed to talk staff through physical tasks as required.

All of us as individuals, families, communities, businesses and organizations face a challenging road ahead. Working together, shouldering each others’ burdens, we will persevere.

Thank you,

Derek and the Team at RoundTable Technology

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