Here to Help

Here to Help


We are here for you.

First of all, everyone at RoundTable extends our hope that you, your colleagues and your organization are safe and healthy (and have plenty of toilet paper).

We want to make sure you know that RoundTable is here to support you and your organization as best we can. With the exception of onsite visits, we are operating at full capacity and working as fast as we can to adapt to emerging needs of our clients and communities.

Free 24x7 PHONE Support for RoundTable Managed Support Clients

We understand that many of your schedules are not what they were just a few weeks ago. Perhaps you are working early mornings, into the evening or on the weekend and need assistance - we are here for you. As a result we are announcing that during this time of uncertainty our PHONE support will now be temporarily available 24x7 at no cost and will remain in effect for the time being.

Simply CALL our support team on our regular line at 207-370-4647 anytime of day or night and we will be glad to work through most challenges you may have. This level of free 24x7 support is limited to basic troubleshooting and support. Anything that needs to be escalated to our Senior Engineering team will be addressed next business day.

Techniques for Facing an Uncertain World

We are also running interactive sessions on May 13 and May 27 called Tech(niques) for Facing an Uncertain (and Scary) World in which we will introduce participants to methods and mindsets that were built for an unpredictable world. We will show how to be agile in response to changing needs, how to be accountable to colleagues and results and how to foster an attitude of resilience.

Participants will work together to learn and practice agile methods, build accountability to each other and results and leave with a real working plan to put into practice.

Unlike our webinars, this is an interactive session and has limited availability. We can only accept the first 100 registrants, so if this sounds like something that would benefit you and your organization, sign up before we fill up.

Session 1: Introducing Agile Methods - a Mindset Built for Uncertainty (Wednesday, April 29, 2PM Eastern)
Session 2: Fostering Accountability to People, Outputs and Outcomes (Wednesday, May 13, 2PM Eastern)
Session 3: Putting it in Action - Building a Work Plan for Your Team (Wednesday, May 27, 2PM Eastern)

Securing your Suddenly Remote Workforce

Balancing security and usability is challenging in the best of the times. These are not the best of times. Here are five steps we consider highly important in securing your information with everyone working from home.

Another challenge we’re seeing is the rapid uptick in COVID-19 Coronavirus scams. We wrote a short post about it that you can share with your staff.

We provide an annual webinar called the Best Free One Hour Cybersecurity Awareness Training Ever. Our 2020 recording is available for free here. We keep it fun and (we hope) entertaining. With everyone working from home, this could be a fun activity for you to do with your entire staff.

Scams are rampant

Another challenge we’re seeing is the rapid uptick in COVID-19 Coronavirus scams. We wrote a short post about it that you can share with your staff.

We provide an annual webinar called the Best Free One Hour Cybersecurity Awareness Training Ever. The recording is available for free here. With everyone working from home, this could be a great organization activity for you to do with your staff.

Best Resources We’ve Found So Far

We’re working to curate some of the best resources we’re seeing that can help with these and other challenges posed by COVID-19. Here are some excellent resources:

Forbes - curated list of all free software for businesses, nonprofits and schools for COVID-19 - Forbes is continuing to update this weekly. Excellent and comprehensive list of free offerings with nearly a hundred different free services.

Leading Your Organization Through a Crisis: This is an excellent and short read from Hilda Polanco, Founder and CEO of Fiscal Management Associates. For nonprofit and business leaders, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Covid-19 Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resources: This is looking like the most comprehensive list of resources for nonprofits. Being curated by an all-star team of nonprofit IT professionals.

We’re all working from home. How do we do that effectively?
There are thousands of resources out there on adjusting to remote work. This is one of the best we’ve found. Ash Shepherd, of NTEN, a long-time remote worker wrote this terrific resource.

Management Center COVID-19 Resources: This page contains all of the Management Center resources related to COVID-19. Check here for tools, articles, and templates for leaders managing through these tough times.

Excellent page of resources for digital divide challenges, including free Internet access, refurbished laptops and many more resources. Curated by the great folks at NTEN.

What Do You Need?

One more thing: RoundTable has a one-question survey to get your input on what help you need. If you want to take 20 seconds and let us know, that will help us plan our resources.

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