Before Committing to a New VoIP System…

First and foremost, finding the right phone system can be a pain.

Doing research online leaves you sifting through site after site as you look for answers only to find way too much information – and most of it isn’t worth your time.

As an organization, you’re ready to invest in a new phone system, so you want to know you’re getting what you pay for.

What do Cybersecrity and Swiss Cheese have in common?

Defense in Depth is a concept that’s central to cybersecurity protection, or more accurately it’s a mindset about cybersecurity protection. Rather than thinking in terms of single protective measures such as antivirus software, think in terms of implementing multiple layers of protection. Antivirus alone will not protect you or your organization from cyber attacks. No single protection will do the trick.

Are you ready for the NY SHIELD Act?

We’ll start with the good news. States within the US are starting to implement privacy regulations to protect our individual data. As individuals, this is good for us. As leaders of nonprofits, small businesses or any entity that collects data as part of doing business, these laws add new responsibilities and potential liabilities.

We Want Your Feedback!

A Message from Our CEO

It’s easy to be skeptical when you hear “Your feedback is very important to us.” Is it? How do you know that your feedback makes a difference, and where does that feedback even go? Who sees it, and what do they do with it? It seems like customer comments just go into a black hole of nothingness most of the time, so why bother providing it? I know that I’ve asked myself that same question many times, but I wanted to take a moment to share how RoundTable is different.

What About Cyber Liability Insurance?

One the questions we get often at RoundTable is from organizations asking whether they should get cyber liability coverage and, if so, what they should look for in cyber liability coverage.

This post is meant to provide as clear of a response as we can provide to that question.

Avoiding COVID-19/Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

Cybersecurity might not be the first thing on your mind as you navigate your organization through the current COVID-19 situation, but unfortunately, cybersecurity threats aren’t slowing down.

Cyberattackers have long been taking advantage of uncertain times to craft convincing (and dangerous) phishing emails, and predictably, we’ve started to see an increase in Coronavirus-related phishing attacks targeting small businesses and nonprofits.

Here to Help

In these uncertain times we want to make sure you know that RoundTable is here to support you and your organization as best we can.

We realize that technology will play a critical role as many organizations have suddenly converted to a work from home (WFH) model. RoundTable has been a WFH organization since our inception. With over 10 years of experience in being a remote workforce we want to share our knowledge with you.

We are conducting a weekly series “Suddenly Remote” to help you adjust to remote work. We have also compiled a list of resources and will continue to add information as we move through this journey together.

We are here to help, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you during this time.

5 Steps to Secure Your Suddenly Remote Workforce

Many industries have slowed down or shut down during this global pandemic, but cybercriminals are working overtime.

Cybercriminals and hackers know there’s no better time to strike than during a global crisis. While you are distracted and spending your time trying to make sense of this new normal, they are finding new ways that they can steal your data and passwords, compromise your private information and even demand large ransoms.

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