Employee Spotlight: Nick Knowlton

My official title is VP of Business Development which means that I am responsible for all aspects of Sales & Marketing here at RoundTable.

What do you ACTUALLY do at our company?

Develop sales & marketing collateral, prospecting, write proposals, define our service offerings, contract review & whatever else necessary to WIN more business!

Employee Spotlight: John McNamara

How did you start your career in IT?

At 18 Years old, I joined the Air Force under the Cyber Communications division.

Things I keep on my desk: Headphones, wallet, flashlight, Almonds, ear muffs, sunglasses, BBQ sauce, Shampoo.. (how did this get here) light-bulbs, and 3 Pokemon cards. Don’t forget the chapstick.

Employee Spotlight: Evan Desjardins

I’m the Founder and CEO, so I make sure that the bills are paid, I develop leaders (we have some great ones!) and put them in positions to take responsibility and flourish in their roles, and I paint a vision for where we want to go as a company and empower the team to make it happen. I’m also the main cheerleader for RoundTable because I can brag about our team in a way that nobody else can. They’re the best

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