Zoom Security News

About the Security Issues with Zoom

News came out on July 9th reporting security issues with the Zoom web conferencing software. If you use Zoom and have the Zoom application installed on your computer, you may be vulnerable to the following threats:

  1. Access to your webcam by simply visiting a website designed to activate your webcam via Zoom
  2. Remote Control of your computer via a web server component installed by Zoom

Employee Spotlight: Carlos Martinez

What was your proudest professional moment?

Getting an IT job after graduating from college.

What are the biggest challenges in your work?

Moving between clients when things get really busy in order to keep client satisfaction at its best.

What do you do at our company?

I am a Support Engineer.

Windows 7 End-of-Life – January 14, 2020

On January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 goes “End-of-Life” with Microsoft. This means that Microsoft will no longer be releasing security patches or critical updates to the Windows 7 operating system.

If you have Windows 7 machines in your environment, this is a deadline that is rapidly approaching and cannot be ignored without significant risk.

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Peskay

What are one or two hobbies you enjoy?

I have a theater degree and I produced and acted in a couple of plays after moving to New York City in 1999. The above photo is of me in “Box of Fools”, which ran for a few shows at a theater called HERE in Soho in 2005. My husband (Joshua Peskay), his brother Matthew and I also created a play set in the Internet called “In the Wire” in 2002 which followed an email through the internet.

May Cybersecurity Tip: Going Beyond the Firewall

A firewall protects against unauthorized access by scanning traffic and controlling what information can pass through the network. Since firewalls work by filtering traffic based on source and type, they won’t catch threats that come from a “legitimate" origin, such as:

Social engineering, including phishing attacks
Malicious websites disguised by an SSL certificate
Human error and the insider threat

Phishing emails, for example, often make it through a firewall, as email is considered normal traffic.

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