Employee Spotlight: Kim Snyder

What do you do at our company?

I am VP of Data Strategy, and my focus is on data strategy for RoundTable and for our clients. We have adopted quite a data culture over the past few years. I regularly bring data visualizations into our all-staff meetings, and I love hearing others ask questions that I would not have thought of when they examine the data.

A Cybersecurity Cautionary Tale

Think a breach couldn’t happen to your organization? Think again!

Just prior to activating their Defendify platform, a 150-person company experienced a type of attack known as Business Email Compromise. A criminal hacker infiltrated their finance manager’s email account and sent well-crafted fake invoices to their customers.

Happy 2019 – “Because of you…”

Dear Friend of RoundTable,

I wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation for you and recognize how you have impacted us on our journey together - both as an organization and as individuals. You may be a new, long-term, past, or future client, vendor, partner, friend, family member (Hi, Mom & Dad!), or someone we’re just getting to know.

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