Employee Spotlight: Michele Herman

Michele and family at her daughter's college graduation
(1 son missing from the picture)

What do you do at our company?

I am the Business Manager.

What do you ACTUALLY do at our company?

Hmmm, I wear many hats! I work with our internal team to process orders, solve client issues, handle invoicing, receive payments, work with vendors and contracts, and work with clients to solve issues.

Employee Spotlight: Israel Roy

What do you do at our company?
I am a Senior Support Engineer.

What do you ACTUALLY do at our company?
I fix things and help people. Whether it’s a support ticket generated for a client or a question from a teammate, my job is to help people get the technology answer or fix they need.

RoundTable & Whole Whale Have Released an Online Cybersecurity Course

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge for all organizations. Heck, just keeping up with the pace of technological change is a herculean task all by itself. People and organizations are faced with a virtual blizzard of new technology every day and, in trying to improve our organizations, we have to evaluate and adopt new technologies all the time. We must also think about how these changing technologies impact the security of our organization, our information, our clients, constituents and staff.

Employee Spotlight: Isaac Matara

What do you do at RoundTable?

I am a Professional Services Engineer. I work with clients on analysis of their technology infrastructures, and then I help them design, plan and implement comprehensive solutions that support their business objectives.

Employee Spotlight: Destiny Bowers

Destiny, what do you do at RoundTable?

I am the Director of Cloud Solutions.

What do you ACTUALLY do at our company?

I work with organizations to help them find the best cloud based solutions for them. Be it all cloud or a mix of traditional and cloud.

GDPR: A 2-Minute Primer

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a data privacy protection law for individuals within the European Union. It provides for potentially devastating fines (4% of revenue or 2 million Euro, whichever is greater). While the regulation went into effect on May 25, 2018, some of you may still be wondering what, if anything, does my organization need to do to comply with GDPR?
Does GDPR affect my organization?

If you have operations in the EU - Yes, GDPR applies to you.

Six Ways to Succeed with IT Support

Most nonprofit leaders have embraced the idea that effective technology is critical to their organization’s success. Everyone wants to have great IT support, but many struggle to get it and it can be hard to know the reasons why. Do we have the right people? Should we work with an outside vendor? Are we working with the right vendor?

Sometimes it can even feel like the classic relationship question, “Is it them, or is it me?”

In my role at RoundTable I’ve worked with, literally, thousands of nonprofits.

Nonprofit Technology Conference 2018

At this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans, RoundTable is co-hosting a booth with Pronto Marketing, who specializes in website hosting and AdWords management services.

RoundTable's Vice President of Technology Strategy, Joshua Peskay, will be there to lead two sessions.

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