Google’s “Not Secure” Warning

What is this exactly?
Beginning October 1, 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will show a “Not secure” warning on any website where visitors enter text into a form on any page that is not encrypted. This can include things like “Contact Us” forms, newsletter subscriptions or even simple search.

About the Petya Malware Outbreak

We are currently following updates about a new ransomware attack using a variant malicious code known as “Petya”. This is part of a new wave of multi-vector ransomware attacks that some are calling “ransomworm” which takes advantage of timely exploits.

About “WannaCry”

It’s a ransomware attack with the ability to self-propagate. It also uses exploits from the April Shadow Brokers dump of NSA hacking tools. The WannaCry attack began on Friday, May 12th and spread rapidly through Europe and the rest of the world, affecting millions of systems.

Getting a Website That Works

At RoundTable, we may be techies, but when it came to our website, we found ourselves encountering many of the same challenges that our clients ask us to solve for them. Over time, we found that our original WordPress site wasn’t meeting our needs, and we were struggling to routinely manage and update the site in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Accidental Techies, Expert Trainers, & Idealware

I (Joshua) have been an expert trainer for Idealware for over two years now. In my role as expert trainer, I help Idealware develop new sessions (on cloud security, for example) and also act as an instructor for in-person workshops and webinars.

In the coming three weeks, I’ll be leading a three-part webinar series for Accidental Techies.