About Idealware and upcoming webinar this Thursday, 1/15

I (Joshua) have been an expert trainer for Idealware for over a year now. In my role as expert trainer I help Idealware develop new sessions (on cloud security, for example) and also act as instructor for selected in-person workshops and webinars.

As it happens, I am going to be the trainer for a webinar coming up this Thursday, January 15th, at 1:00. The webinar is titled, "Measuring Your Mission: Using Data to Track Organizational Health and Success.

Security in the Cloud

As Joshua Peskay explained to a group of fifty nonprofit professionals at NPCC, “Cloud computing has a branding problem.” For most people, the word “cloud” brings to mind something that is wispy and transient, not exactly what you’re looking for in a critical technology infrastructure.

Google Apps / Gmail Security Update

In recent days we have seen Gmail accounts from multiple organizations be compromised. While it is not 100% clear how the breaches are occurring, there is a standard set of security practices that can be applied both to respond to a suspected breach and reduce the chance of future breaches.

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee

We are incredibly proud today to announce that RoundTable is partnering with the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) to help bring high quality technology service to even more nonprofit organizations.

In addition to being one of the oldest clients of RoundTable (our relationship goes back fifteen years), NPCC and RoundTable have worked together to help raise the bar for nonprofit services.

Congratulations to Karim Beldjilali!

It's with great excitement that we announce that Karim Beldjilali has been promoted to Director of Operations for RoundTable Technology!  Karim has an excellent rapport with our clients, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the unique technology needs that are specific to non-profit organizations.

Replacing Microsoft Security Essentials

Many nonprofit organizations use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSSE) for antivirus because it is a free product, by Microsoft, with a history of working well.

Unfortunately, it no longer works well.

Each quarter, independent antivirus testing labs report on test results for the performance of the most common antivirus products on the market, both free and paid versions.

RoundTable Technology – Heartbleed F.A.Q.

Q: What is Heartbleed?

A: If you haven’t heard, Heartbleed is a security vulnerability that may have exposed usernames, passwords and other information from literally millions of websites across the Internet.

Q: How can I know if I’m affected?

A: Mashable is keeping a list of known services that are affected AND whether or not they have fixed the vulnerability yet.

Save Offline Storage with Selective Storage in Google Drive

Here is a helpful overview of how to use selective storage in Google Drive by Joshua Peskay, our resident Google Guru.

Since Google Drive is based in the cloud, you can access the files that are important to you from any device. If you choose to store your files locally (say, on your home computer) then you might be worried about your Google Drive taking up too much space on your hard drive.


Information and How to Protect Your Organization

Why is this important?

We have seen the Cryptolocker malware strike multiple organizations the past two weeks and it has proven significantly disruptive.

What is malware?

Malware is software that is designed to perform malicious activities.

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