How the RoundTable Technology Website Was Built, Part 1

Building the RoundTable Technology website went about as well as I could have imagined. The process was fun and educational, the people I worked with were awesome, and the final product exceeds my expectations completely. I thought it might be useful to write up a case-study of what I learned, which could also serve as something of an outline for how a website like this gets built, how much it costs, how much time it takes, what sort of people are needed, and what tools are used.

How the current NY flu epidemic is yet another argument for cloud computing

The current flu epidemic (yes, it's been declared an epidemic) in New York demonstrates yet another reason why organizations should be actively seeking to implement cloud computing.

Why? Simply put, if your organization can reach a point where your staff can access all your organization's important data and applications via the web (let's call it "web nirvana"), then they can work from anywhere they have Internet and a web browser.

We believe in continuous improvement

We are continuously reviewing our practices so that we can be confident we are providing the best services and advice to our clients. You can focus on your mission, knowing your technology is going to work reliably – and if your need help, you can get smart and well-researched answers right away.

Why Round Table Technology?

RoundTable Technology is a New York based group of friendly and hard-working technology specialists who all have a long and successful history of providing high quality technology services to NY nonprofits.

As a group, we have over a hundred years of experience providing technology support and services to nonprofit organizations and we are dedicated to continuing to provide the best possible services we can to nonprofits in and around New York City.