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Does your organization need a cybersecurity roadmap? Are you concerned about meeting compliance requirements with new data privacy laws, and not sure where to turn?

RoundTable’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) program provides organizations with leadership and strategic guidance to navigate the ever-changing terrain of cyberthreats. Through conducting comprehensive organization-wide cybersecurity assessments, our vCISO professionals will provide your organization with a prioritized, achievable roadmap to ensure your organization is secure and in compliance with local laws.


Learn how you can jump start your organization’s cybersecurity strategy with RoundTable’s free and confidential cybersecurity risk assessment.


Cybersecurity as a Service

Cybersecurity should not be considered just a project. In order to meet ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements we have developed a multi-layered approach to your ongoing cybersecurity needs.

A one layered approach simply isn't enough. Everything we do is centered around 3 key layers of cybersecurity:

  • Cyber-Solid Foundation of policies, procedures, and plans.
  • Cyber-Smart Culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge.
  • Cyber-Strong Technology that goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewalls.

Maintaining an ongoing cybersecurity program has traditionally been complicated and expensive. Our cybersecurity service changes the game, making cybersecurity simple, manageable, and affordable. Online, all the time, our cybersecurity as a service helps nonprofit and small business superheroes detect, protect, and defend.

See your cybersecurity data at a glance: health grade, alerts, reports, recommendations, products and services, users, devices, and more. Easy to access, easy to understand. Online, all the time.

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