Data Discovery

Struggling with data? Let us help you connect the dots. Constellation is a team of experts across many disciplines, including nonprofit management, fundraising, data, and analytics. Our team can help identify high-ROI, impact data, and build systems for collecting and sharing it throughout your organization and to your donors. Siloed databases? Murky metrics? Overwhelmed staff? Sign up with Constellation, and discover answers to your data challenges.

From initial assessment and identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to building dashboards and deploying reports, we help organizations move to a new level of impact and insight. Don’t buy dashboard software or hire expensive database administrators. With Constellation, we provide everything you need for a monthly service fee, including reporting software, customized reports and dashboards, and most importantly, our team of specialist and experts. There’s a service level for organizations at every size and budget so get started and discover your data, with Constellation.

Data Discovery as a Service

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Services Quickstart Professional Enterprise
Onboarding assessment of systems and reporting
Identification of Data Leader and cross-organizational Data Team stakeholders
Organizational and departmental KPI identification and quarterly review sessions
Queries and reports from central CRM data
Visualizations and dashboards using central CRM data
Updated visualizations and dashboards on quarterly basis
Monthly community call-in sessions for tips, best practices and lessons from the field
Access to the Constellation Observatory, our virtual data training and education center
Implementing Business Intelligence tools for reporting across multiple systems, eg Development, Finance, etc.
Query and report writing utilizing data across organizational data-siloes
Development of dashboards and visualizations across organizational data siloes
Quarterly updating of reports and dashboards
vCDO (virtual Chief Data Officer) for ongoing strategic guidance on data
Direct coaching and skills building for Data Leader
Data Fluency Roadmap
Attendance and presentation at Board meetings
Risk management plan for managing data sources and sensitive data
Recommendations for new staff onboarding processes and continuous learning plans
Identification and evaluation of vendors for specialized projects (e.g. Salesforce implementation)
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Monthly charges are tailored to the size and complexity of your organization and situation.

Constellation is a partnership between RoundTable Technology and Sage70, Inc. Please contact us to start transforming your organization’s relationship with data.

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VP of Data Strategy
RoundTable Technology
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CRM Expert
Sage70, Inc.
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