Infrastructure & Maintenance


Never worry about IT again

What if your staff could finally focus on accomplishing their tasks without IT problems or technology shortcomings getting in the way? Managing the platform to do the work you is our specialty. Your employees will finally be free from redundant and often times frustrating IT issues that can prevent them from working efficiently.

With Infrastructure Services, you can enjoy:

  • Low-cost Virtualization
  • Business Continuity & Backup Devices
  • Network Security & Anti-Malware Services
  • Hardware Sales
  • System monitoring
  • Real-time Monitoring

Infrastructure Services will give you the expertise of not just one IT person, but an entire team of full-time technology experts and engineers, for less than the cost of one. As with all our services, you will have a dedicated team of partner managers to strategically plan technology changes to enrich your organization.


Increase Uptime & Return on Investment

You rely on your system to be productive, yet keeping your technology up to date and humming along can be quite a handful. Let RoundTable Technology’s team of experts do it for you so that you can get back to what’s important - your organization’s mission!

Stop worrying about unreliable or unmaintained systems. We can help with getting your infrastructure working for you effectively, efficiently, and with your full confidence.

With our Maintenance Services, you can enjoy::

  • Monthly or quarterly system update and health check
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Monitoring & Reporting Services