Managed IT Services FAQ


  • Does the contract adjust regularly based on the number of staff we have?

    • Yes, we will review at minimum Quarterly but sometimes Monthly your current staff and/or device list. This is done to provide fair and accurate billing but also to ensure that we remove any former staff from our system so they are not able to get support.

  • How do you keep track of the number of users or devices on our contract?

    • We will review as part of your monthly check-in with your dedicated customer success manager.

  • What is your average response time to tickets?

    • This varies based on the type of request and the criticality of the request. In most cases the initial response on a ticket is less than 1 hour. We encourage you to use our 24x7 support line for urgent requests as we answer the phone live and begin troubleshooting right away.

  • If we require an onsite visit, how soon will someone be onsite?

    • Onsite support escalations are conducted either the same or next business day for urgent matters. If the request is non-urgent an onsite engineer will coordinate with the end user at a time that is mutually convenient.

  • Can any staff member contact support or do we need to filter requests through an individual?

    • Yes, any supported staff member can contact our helpdesk or submit a ticket via email/web form. Anytime something requires security changes or becomes a billable event it will require the approval of the primary contact.


  • Does RoundTable Complete provide me with compliance for NY SHIELD, HIPAA and other security related regulations?

    • YES, included in our Core & Complete plans is our Defendify Cybersecurity which includes many of the items required by industry regulations. Defendify along with our Managed Security allows you to “check the box” as it relates to your compliance requirements.

  • Do you conduct a cyber security assessment?

    • Yes, via our partnership with Defendify we will conduct a cyber security assessment as part of your onboarding process.

  • Do you provide cybersecurity training?

    • Yes, we have an annual cybersecurity (in January each year) awareness training that is FREE to attend for all clients and their staff. In addition, each month your staff will receive a brief 5 minute Security Awareness video from Ninjio as well as our own monthly “Cyber Tips” from Tater & ‘Stache.

  • What do you use for Anti-virus/Anti-malware?

    • We use Bitdefender to protect servers and workstations. This is included in the Managed IT support program.

  • What is EDR?

    • EDR security, endpoint detection and response, is a technology that continually monitors your network for cyber threats and helps identify and defend against cyber related attacks.

  • What is MDR?

    • Bitdefender MDR service is delivered by combining industry-leading cybersecurity for endpoints (EDR), plus network and security analytics, with threat-hunting expertise. The Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed 24x7x365 with world-leading security analysts.

Customer Success/Account Manager

  • How often will I meet with a RoundTable representative?

    • Your CSM will set up a monthly (at minimum) check-in to meet and go over any technology related questions or issues related to your organization.

  • If my customer success manager is away, who should I reach out to?

    • We have a Concierge by the name of Christian Breau who will be glad to assist you in the event you are not able to reach your CSM.


  • What is Saas Backup?

    • SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Providers like Microsoft 365 and GSuite are SaaS platforms. We will backup your Office 365 and GSuite platforms as part of your support service. In addition, we can provide backup for additional 3rd party services like Dropbox, Box, Salesforce etc. Ask your customer success manager how we can help.


  • Can I pay my bill online?

    • Yes, we use for our invoicing and will provide you a portal to pay your invoices online.

  • What do I do if I have an issue with one of my invoices?

    • Reach out to your dedicated customer success manager. Provide them the invoice number and details of your request and they will work with our finance team on your behalf.


  • Does RoundTable offer website design/development?

    • We have a partnership with a very reputable website design firm, ask your Customer Success manager for an introduction.

  • Does RoundTable sell and support phone systems?

    • We do not sell any hardware based phone solution, traditionally we partner with various VOIP providers to deliver the service that best meets your needs. We will gladly help you identify the best partner for your needs and budget.

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