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RoundTable was founded in 2010

by Evan Desjardins, with the mission to bring enterprise level technology to organizations that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford or implement it without strategic guidance. Evan talked about Cloud Computing when everyone else thought he was talking about the weather.

In 2013, the mission expanded to bring premier IT outsourcing to nonprofit organizations from New York to Maine. Evan partnered with Joshua Peskay in 2013, a known leader in nonprofit IT excellence based in New York City and continued expanding. Today, however, we are working on expanding that mission to the national stage, with more than 40 staff serving hundreds of organizations across the United States.

At RoundTable Technology, we nurture a diverse and inclusive work environment that seeks out and welcomes thoughts and ideas from different perspectives. This is best seen through the lens of the many clients that we serve - and the missions that they hold dear.

In an ever-advancing technology landscape fraught with changing market conditions and security threats, the RoundTable team understands that we are here to help people and not just fix machines. Our company sets the new standard for personalized customer service around your technology needs.

RoundTable Technology Builds Partnerships that Thrive!






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We Are All About Nonprofits

We understand what nonprofits are going through, working with limited resources, budget, and people.

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Our People Get It

We only hire personnel that are driven by serving those who serve, and we've had the opportunity to help hundreds of nonprofits get their technology under control.

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An Eye on the Future

We do our best to stay one step ahead of the curve, whether it's new legislation for Data Privacy, being on the forefront of Compliance Automation, or AI, we're ready to help you.

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Learners and Educators

We value learning above all, and we hope it shows through our regular free webinars, classes, and content to help inform every level of your organization and promote a culture of technology.



Here at RoundTable Technology, we are passionate about IT. We know the power that tech has to change lives, especially when it's put to use helping nonprofits and small businesses achieve their missions. We come to work each day with one aim: to help organizations like yours to overcome any technology challenges you face. We want to get your IT working for you, streamline it and enhance it so that you get to do the job you love more efficiently and help the people you serve.

This means we only take on people of passion who are committed to giving you the best service and solutions you can imagine. So, if you're ready, let's meet the team, each of them exceptional in their own way.

All of the people who work at RoundTable Technology are exceptional in their own way.

Derek Headshot

Derek New

Heather Troidl - Headshot

Heather Troidl

Director of Revenue Operations
aimee carter headshot

Aimee Carter

Director of Technical Operations
Abe Biticon Headshot Website

Abe Biticon

Phone Support Specialist
Albert Dignos Headshot

Albert "Diggz" Dignos

Phone Support Specialist
Allen Alcaraz - Headshot

Allen Alcaraz

Workstation Specialist
allen santillan

Allen Mier Santillan

Contract Administrator
Anthony Collins - Headshot

Anthony Collins

Support Team Manager
Brad Brown

Brad Brown

Senior Engineer
bryan kimball headshot

Bryan Kimball

Phone Support Specialist
Casey Farnum - Headshot

Casey Farnum

Phone Support Escalation Specialist
Charles Bayer - Headshot

Charles Bayer

Outbound Marketing Associate
Christian Breau Headshot

Christian Breau

Solutions Consultant
Clark Capistrano Headshot

Clark Capistrano

Support Specialist
crystal headshot

Crystal Desjardins

Marketing Administrator
Dan Grunewald - Headshot

Daniel Grunewald

Support Escalation Specialist
Dawn Gallery-Khan - Headshot

Dawn Khan

Customer Success Manager
David Farris - Headshot

David Farris

Customer Success Manager
Destiny Headshot

Destiny Bowers

vCISO & Cloud Strategy
Jacob Cross Headshot

Jacob Cross

Support Specialist
Jason Gilbert Headshot

Jason Gilbert

Support Specialist
Jeff Pelletier Headshot

Jeff Pelletier

Support Escalation Specialist
Jessica Peskay - Headshot

Jessica Putnam Peskay

Solutions Consultant
jim pascua headshot

Jim Pascua

Support Escalation Specialist
JT - Headshot

John Hauswirth

Phone Support Specialist
Jonah Wagan Headshot

Jonah Wagan

Customer Success Manager
jonathan anderson new headshot

Jonathan Anderson

Solutions Consultant
Justin King - Headshot

Justin King

Marketing Manager
Justis - Headshot

Justis Reaves

Support Specialist
Kim Snyder - Headshot

Kim Snyder

VP of Data Strategy
Laura WIllis - Headshot

Laura Willis

Solutions Consultant
Ledion Headshot

Ledion Cuci

Support Specialist
Matthew Ward New Headshot

Matthew Ward

Onboarding Coordinator
mel soliano headshot

Mel Soliano

Support Escalation Specialist
Michele Herman - Headshot

Michele Herman

HR/Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Mya Desjardins - Headshot

Mya Desjardins

Executive Assistant
Pam Headshot

Pamela Virginio

Customer Success Manager
Ramon - Headshot

Ramon Lorenzana

Customer Success Manager
Shalome - Headshot

Shalome Clarke

Support Specialist