About Us

RoundTable Technology was founded in September 2010 (known then as The IT Kings) by owner and president Evan Desjardins. Evan helped grow a startup venture to record levels of success before deciding to chart his own course in the marketplace.

With a strong vision towards the future of technology, Evan focused on Cloud Computing as the next “big thing” for organizations to focus on. The scalability and minimal levels of overhead provided clients with much greater impact and strategic technology planning than could be afforded with more “traditional” technology models that are heavily focused on purchasing and supporting expensive and almost instantly out of date on-premise hardware and software.

  • April 2012, we acquired WhatIf Networks, a company that focused on Groupware for education and nonprofit organizations around the country. This helped grow our portfolio and reach within the community, something that would become so important to our future mission.
  • May of 2013, we acquired the Fund for the City of New York’s Technology Consulting Program, spearheaded by Joshua Peskay (now RoundTable Technology’s vice president), and changed our name to RoundTable Technology (kudos to Christian Breau for the EPIC name upgrade) to better fit our focus on the nonprofit technology sector and the strategic partnerships that we foster with our clients.
  • September of 2013, we acquired Techs4Good, which brought nonprofit ambassador Dawn Khan to our growing list of passionate professionals who have such a heart for serving our core nonprofit customers.

As we celebrate our eighth year in business, we’re so thankful to work with our incredible team of highly experienced staff. Most of us have been working with technology (and loving it) for our entire adult lives (it’s been HOW long? Yikes!) In addition, we have the privilege of working with the best clients on earth. You all have wonderful missions that we get to support each and every day with our work, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to fulfill OUR mission – to strategically enrich nonprofit organizations with technology.

RoundTable is ranked 12th in the MSP 501 Global Ranking of the world's best technology service providers!Learn More