About Us

RoundTable was founded in 2010 by Evan Desjardins, with the mission to bring enterprise level technology to organizations that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford or implement it without strategic guidance. Evan talked about Cloud Computing when everyone else thought he was talking about the weather.

In 2013, the mission expanded and focused into where our heart is now - to bring premier IT outsourcing to nonprofit organizations from New York to Maine. Evan partnered with Joshua Peskay in 2013, a known leader in nonprofit IT excellence based in New York City and continued expanding that mission to where we are today, with more than 30 staff serving hundreds of organizations along the East Coast.

At RoundTable Technology, we nurture a diverse and inclusive work environment that seeks out and welcomes thoughts and ideas from different perspectives. This is best seen through the lens of the many clients that we serve - and the missions that they hold dear.

In an ever-advancing technology landscape fraught with changing market conditions and security threats, the RoundTable team understands that we are here to help people and not just fix machines. Our company sets the new standard for personalized customer service around your technology needs.

RoundTable Technology is here to help organizations thrive through a partnership of great people and technology.

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