Open a Can of WUPIT!

Women and Underrepresented People In Technology

Welcome, tech enthusiasts and WUPITs, to "Open a Can of WUPIT"!
In this podcast, we crack open the can on all things tech, innovation, and diversity in the world of IT.
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What is WUPIT?

WUPIT stands for Women and Underrepresented People in Technology.

WUPIT is an initiative started by RoundTable Technology in 2023. We hope to move forward our mission as stated below through acts of services and through education like this podcast.

Our Mission

Technology knows no boundaries, and the key to unlocking its full potential lies in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. RoundTable Technology has taken a bold step in this direction, and we're really proud to talk about what we're doing.

Founded on the principle that diversity breeds innovation, this initiative (WUPIT), and this podcast, aim to bridge the gender and diversity gap in the tech world, which has traditionally and still is disproportionately middle-aged white men.

The initiative is a commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive landscape. Our CEO, President, and entire executive team are parents of girls and feel empowered to help ensure RTT is part of the solution.

In a world where technology is shaping our future, it's crucial that every voice is heard and every perspective is considered. RoundTable Technology recognizes this and has taken proactive steps to make a difference.