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Protect your accounts and important data with cybersecurity tips like these:

Tip # 5: If hit with RANSOMWARE that says: “Pay $2,000 or we will delete your files” — don't pay! Do this instead to sidestep their ransom demands.

Tip # 28: Why make a hacker’s job EASIER? Do this to your usernames and passwords to stop hackers in their tracks.

Tip # 15: How you swipe your debit card determines if you are at serious risk for theft or completely safe. Protect your accounts with this simple, speedy tip.

Tip # 18: Far too many businesses have firewalls that are useless! Yours might be too unless you take the time to do this frequently.

Tip # 10: If you don’t take this important step when you get a brand new PC, the end of that PC (and your files) in a matter of months!

Tip # 29: What’s worse than getting your laptop stolen? Giving that thief access to ALL of your files. Take this simple step to breathe easy about your files.


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