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Why New Employees Need Cybersecurity Awareness Training

As soon as a new employee starts at an organization, they become a target for cybercriminals. 

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Office Zero: The Future of Work Is Not About the Office

The rise of the internet and mobile technologies has made remote and flexible work more popular than ever before. With a laptop and an internet...

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Pros & Cons of Cryptocurrency Donations for Nonprofits

Cryptocurrency is all over the news these days, and for good reason. Decentralized finance (or "DeFi" for short), as represented by many crypto...

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Multi-Factor Authentication Is Critical for Nonprofits

Multi-factor authentication is a critical security measure that all nonprofit personnel should be using. This type of authentication requires more...

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The Importance of Prioritization for Nonprofit Technology

It's no secret that technology has had a profound impact on the nonprofit sector. From fundraising to program delivery, technology has made it...

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Cloud Migration for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know

Cloud migration is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes. But what about nonprofits? Is cloud migration a good option...

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What is Personal Information in Data Privacy?

Data Privacy regulations require that we protect the privacy of people whose data we collect.

So, what does that mean?

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Technology Outsourcing for Nonprofits - Why do it?

By outsourcing certain technological tasks, nonprofit organizations can focus on their core mission while leaving the day-to-day tasks of managing...

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I Replaced Myself with an AI Writer

Inspired by this wonderful piece of work by George Weiner of Whole Whale, I spent some time this past weekend exploring the OpenAI-based writers to...

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Cryptocurrency Donations - Opportunities & Concerns for Nonprofits

Crypto, crypto, crypto, blah, blah, blah. 

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