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Ask the Experts: Time-saving Tech

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Time saving tech tips are timeless! And that"s why we"re sharing a second segment from the panel we brought together "RoundTable"s Holiday Q&A Giveaway" where a team of experts answered real world technology-related questions from nonprofit staff.

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In this segment our experts answered the following question:

What are three of the most time-saving applications you think a small (under 20 staff) should be using?

These are the many time-saving tech tools that our experts discussed:

These tools were discussed in a previous question on Work from Home Workflows, and are worth providing here:

  • Asana - A web-based project and task management tool that is particularly helpful for organizing and visualizing team-based work (Asana for nonprofits program)
  • Calendly - Scheduling software that connects directly to Outlook and GSuite calendars and eliminates the need for emailing back and forth to set appointments. Reach out to support@calendly.comfor nonprofit pricing
  • Slack - a workplace messaging tool that allows users to easily create channels, or subgroups, for department, team or project-based communications. (Slack for nonprofits discount program

Thank you to our experts for joining the RoundTable team:

And the RoundTablers:

  • Joshua Peskay, vCIO/Cybersecurity
  • Destiny Bowers, Cloud/vCISO
  • Kim Snyder, VP of Data Strategy

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