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Don’t be Lulled into a False Sense of Insecurity

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Ransomware attacks to critical infrastructure have been all over the headlines. The Colonial Pipeline attack stopped gas transport and caused shortages across the East Coast. Next it was the meatpacking industry. Now we’ve learned that the Colonial Pipeline funds have been recovered (and may wisely be used for cybersecurity).

Is a ransomware attack something that nonprofits and small businesses need to be preoccupied with? While ransomware is a concern, Joshua Peskay, RoundTable’s cybersecurity expert, discusses the types of cyberattacks that make nonprofits and small businesses especially vulnerable and makes the case for very basic cybersecurity measures.

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Here are two common forms of attack that affect nonprofits and small businesses that don’t make the headlines:

  • Business email compromise where an employee is tricked into sending funds to a cyber attacker posing as a legitimate business
  • Website attacks that allow cybercriminals to route your donations to their own accounts

Prevention is the best safeguard against these very simple and common attacks. Be sure to enable multi factor authentication across your accounts, especially accounts such as your email accounts, website administrator accounts, any accounts with access to financial information and any accounts with access to sensitive information such as PII or PHI. Also, be sure to provide regular cybersecurity training to all of your staff so that they are aware of these types of threats.

Do you have concerns about your organization’s security? If you are a RoundTable client, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you’re not a RoundTable client, give us a call at 866-784-3543 and let us do the worrying for you.

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