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Tech Tools for Work-from-Home Workflows

This is a segment from “RoundTable’s Holiday Q&A Giveaway” where a team of experts answered real world technology-related questions from nonprofit staff.

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In this segment we answered the following question:

“I wear many hats at our organization, including technology. Our technology is outdated, but so are our workflow processes. What are your recommendations for formally optimizing workflow, with the added caveat that we're working from home?”

These are some of the tools that our expert panel discussed:

  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
    • Calendly Scheduling software that connects directly to Outlook and GSuite calendars and eliminates the need for emailing back and forth to set appointments.
  • Messaging

Thank you to our experts for participating:

  • George Weiner, Founder and Chief Whaler at Whole Whale
  • Maureen Wallbeoff, Founder of Maureen Wallbeoff and Meet Maureen
  • Lesley Molecke, Co-Founder of Cornershop Creative
  • Destiny Bowers, Professional Services, Cloud and vCISO at RoundTable Technology
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