Episode 6: Potato Patching

In a Thanksgiving episode, Tater and Stache's cousin Mo'Stache discuss frequent patching and rebooting best practices that are designed to keep your computer running at optimal performance and decrease the likelihood of a cyber attack.

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Episode 11: Stache Gets Tubered

Tater and Stache are back after a long hiatus with "Stache Gets Tubered"! Learn about a tactic that bad actors are using to get around your MFA push...

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Episode 10: Tater Text Takedown

Tater and Stache are back with "Tater Text Takedown"! Have you been receiving an increasing amount of strange and random text messages?

Bad actors...

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Episode 9: New Spud on the Block

Tater and Stache are back with "New Spud on the Block!" Mistakes happen and the most important lesson to take from this month's episode of T&S is to...

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