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Overwhelmed by Compliance Obligations?


We understand the challenges you face in managing regulatory requirements while striving to make a positive impact. Our Compliance as a Service (COMPaaS) experts are here to assist you. Schedule a 30-minute consultation today and discover how we can help your nonprofit navigate the complex compliance landscape efficiently.

Consequences of non-compliance

Non-compliance with applicable laws & regulations can result in severe consequences to all organizations:

  •  Penalties and Fines
  • Reputational Damages
  • Loss of Funding
  • Legal Actions and Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status


Challenges faced by nonprofits in staying compliant

Compliance is an ever-changing field, and some challenges that nonprofits can run into in trying to stay up to date include:

  • Limited Resources
  • Evolving Regulations
  • Complex Reporting Obligations
  • Governance and Board Responsibilities
  • Diversity of Regulations


How it Works

Schedule Your Session

Simply contact us to schedule your 30-minute consultation, see what gaps you currently have and learn more about the service.


If you move ahead there will be a 1-6 month project depending on your needs to get you to a base level of compliance readiness.


Ongoing monitoring and maintenance with evidence collection, monthly reporting and check-ins to help keep you compliant.
compliance readiness



The Readiness phase of CompAAS involves assisting your nonprofit organization in developing a tailored compliance plan and implementing necessary policies, procedures, and controls.  After this phase, your organization will have a clear picture of your compliance readiness and a roadmap to guide you.

Here's a quick explanation of the process:

  1. Compliance Assessment: Our COMPaaS team will conduct a thorough assessment of your existing compliance practices, then compare them against applicable legal and regulatory requirements to help identify areas where there are gaps.
  2. Compliance Plan Development: Based on the findings and recommendations from the assessment, our COMPaaS team works closely with your organization to develop a customized plan to address the gaps and ensure ongoing compliance with relevant laws.
  3. Policy Review: We work with you to develop a comprehensive documentation framework customized to your unique compliance requirements. This framework encompasses policies, procedures, and guidelines that align with your organization's operations, ensuring a solid foundation for compliance.
  4. Compliance Controls Implementation: Having processes in place is not enough.  Your organization will need to demonstrate your practices and protocols are being followed. Our team will help you gather the evidence needed to prove you are compliant, and provide a central place to store and manage the documentation.
  5. Training and Education: We recognize the importance of educating staff and stakeholders on compliance requirements and best practices. Our team will help develop training programs and educational materials tailored to your organization’s needs.

Monitoring & Maintenance

The Monitoring & Maintenance phase is where the “as a Service” comes into play. This involves long-term monitoring and maintenance of your compliance needs, with monthly reporting and check-ins with our Customer Success Team.

Here's a quick explanation of the process:

  1. Ongoing Evidence Gathering and Management: We simplify the process of organizing and managing your compliance documentation by using automation to continuously gather essential evidence into a centralized repository. From tracking your most recent policy versions, to maintaining training attendance records, we streamline evidence management to provide peace of mind and allow you to maintain your compliance and audit evidence year over year.
  2. Compliance Reporting: Our team guides you in generating comprehensive compliance reports, showcasing real-time adherence to regulations, security measures, training commitments and data protection protocols. These reports reinforce your commitment to compliance and build trust with stakeholders, such as regulatory bodies, donors, and grant-making organizations. In addition, these reports can be used with cyber insurance providers, which in many cases, can result in a decreased premium upon renewal.
  3. Compliance Updates and Alerts: We provide regular updates and alerts to your organization regarding these changes in legislation, regulations, and compliance requirements and how they may impact operations through your personalized online compliance portal and ongoing check-in sessions.
  4. Customer Success Team: Your Customer Success Team will be there with you every step of the way, providing guidance and support on how to navigate regulatory changes, offering best practices, and meeting with you regularly with updates.

compliance monitoring


We thought long and hard before deciding to rely on a largely outsourced IT function and I can now look back and say that we’ve found a model that works very well for us. This is in no small part due to the expertise, diligence and responsiveness that Joshua, Evan and every one of the RoundTable team have given us. Having IT taken care of by professionals like these allows me to focus on the other pressing priorities of our organization.
james rohrman friends of hudson river park
James Rohrman
Former Chief Finance Officer | Friends of Hudson River Park
RoundTable Technology is simply majestic in their ability to think creatively and work decisively. They have created several new solutions for our school, and working with them is a real privilege.
Roger Fuller
Principal | Milken Community High School

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During your 30-minute consultation our COMPaaS specialists will dive into your nonprofit's unique compliance needs. We'll discuss your current challenges, evaluate your existing processes, and provide personalized recommendations to enhance your compliance framework.