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3 Key Layers of Security


A solid foundation of policies, procedures, and plans.



Building a culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge.


Technology that goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewalls.

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defendify cybersecurity

As the sole person with a dedicated IT role in my workplace, Defendify is an invaluable tool in helping me assess and maintain an appropriate cybersecurity posture for my organization. I have access to vastly more knowledge on our current state and I can easily track our progress on our cybersecurity roadmap.
IT Associate
Writopia Lab
I can sleep a little better at night knowing our company is doing everything it can to protect itself.
Atlantic Coast Title
I can see the immense value in the layered approach. So simple, it just makes sense.
Account Manager

Nonprofit Cybersecurity

Multi-layered protection


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Cybersecurity as a Service

Everything you need to get protected

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Cybersecurity Dashboard

See your data at a glance

Reports & Recommendations

Timely insights and suggestions help you better understand your organizational needs

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time alerts give you the power to respond to threats instantly


24/7 access to support for any technical issues



Cybersecurity Health Checkup

A detailed report with recommendations for improvement and grading on key areas of security

Incident Response Plan

We will help you build your response plan in case something does happen, you will know exactly what to do

Stolen Password Scanning

We proactively monitor for your organization's stolen employee or client data

Technology & Data Use Policy

Many breaches are the result of an employee misusing the technology, this makes it crucial to implement a strong technology and data use policy

Ethical Hacking

We will test your boundaries to find out where you're weakest, and shore up your defenses




Threat Alerts

Email alerts about new incidents, attacks and more

Awareness Posters

Creative and engaging posters can be used to help reinforce cybersecurity awareness around the office

Training Videos

Topical cybersecurity videos and newsletters to help encourage learning and interaction

Managed Phishing Simulations

Get to your employees before the bad guys do! Send phishing emails to employees as tests to see who needs some more training

Live Training

Engage your team through classroom-style education




Website Security Scan

Comprehensive remote scanning of your website which includes malware, blacklist, and hack detection

Internal Network Scanning

We scan your internal network and system for vulnerabilities, giving recommendations and insights on how to fix critical holes

External Network Scanning

We scan your external network and system for vulnerabilities, giving recommendations and insights on how to fix critical holes



Guidance and Support

Dedicated Program Advisor Check-ins

A dedicated advisor will meet with you monthly to make sure everything is on track and to answer any questions or problems you may have



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