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If the worst happens, are you prepared?


We would bet that your organization collects data almost daily, from your donors and your employees. With cyber attacks on the rise, you need to be absolutely sure that your people are protected.

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save 10k on a pen test

Most penetration tests are upwards of $10,000


We are lucky to have the opportunity to give out several free penetration tests to qualifying nonprofit organizations. We appreciate how difficult it can be to have proper security with the limited resources, budget, and personnel of a nonprofit, that's why we are happy to be able to give you the tools you need... for free.

Easy to understand reporting and clear recommendations
2-day maximum turnaround time before we get your results to you and schedule a call to go over them
We find vulnerabilities and then use attack vectors to exploit them and identify your weak spots


Free 3rd Party Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a cybersecurity technique organizations

use to identify, test, and highlight vulnerabilities


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As the sole person with a dedicated IT role in my workplace, Defendify is an invaluable tool in helping me assess and maintain an appropriate cybersecurity posture for my organization. I have access to vastly more knowledge on our current state and I can easily track our progress on our cybersecurity roadmap.
IT Associate
Writopia Lab
I can sleep a little better at night knowing our company is doing everything it can to protect itself.
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I can see the immense value in the layered approach. So simple, it just makes sense.
Account Manager

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