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As Seen in IT! Managed Services for Nonprofits

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What it's all about

Join us for an engaging and enlightening webinar, "Managed Services: Fun & Facts, Infomercial-Style for Nonprofits," scheduled for June 27th at 2pm EST. This event is designed to entertain and educate, parodying the infomercials that you used to fall asleep to, in order to delve into the world of managed IT services tailored specifically for nonprofits.

At RoundTable Technology, we understand the unique challenges and relentless pace of the nonprofit sector. That's why we've crafted our services to offer comprehensive support that aligns with your mission, allowing you to focus more on your cause and less on technical issues. During this webinar, we'll explore the landscape of IT solutions that can transform the way your organization operates, including:

  • Managed IT Services: Discover how full-service IT management can alleviate the tech burdens from your team, ensuring your operations run smoothly around the clock.
  • Co-Managed IT: Learn about our collaborative approach, where we work alongside your in-house IT staff to augment their capabilities and fill in any gaps.
  • Strategic Services: See how strategic planning and IT consulting can align your technology with your organizational goals for maximum impact.
  • Project Delivery: Get insights into our project management and delivery services, designed to implement new technologies and systems with minimal disruption.
  • Compliance-as-a-Service: Understand the importance of compliance, especially in handling data, and how our services can ensure you meet all regulatory requirements without the headache.

This webinar is more than just a presentation; it's an interactive experience where you can ask questions, share your nonprofit's challenges, and get expert advice on leveraging technology to enhance your impact. Whether you're struggling with outdated systems, need strategic IT guidance, or simply want to know more about what managed services can offer, this event is for you.

Mark your calendar for an afternoon of insightful discussions, practical tips, and a few laughs along the way. Let's demystify IT management together and unlock new possibilities for your nonprofit. 



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Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan boasts over a decade of corporate sales experience, including business development, account management, and strategic sales across diverse industries. His accolades and awards highlight his consistent top-tier performance. Notably, Jonathan's achievements extend beyond the business realm, as he also brings experience as a former minor league baseball player to the table.

His standout accomplishment in the business world includes spearheading the successful $1.1 billion Innovation Strategy for Dallas College, centralizing communications for seven accredited colleges that made up the Dallas County Community College District.



Justin King

Justin had a roundabout path to choosing marketing as his calling, starting out studying anthropology and archaeology in university, he ended up finding his passion in digital marketing and the puzzles that come with it. He comes to RoundTable with 7 years of marketing knowledge, a can-do attitude, and an extremely "geeky" sense of what's cool about marketing. Don't get him started on workflows and email journeys. Outside of work Justin enjoys reading, bodybuilding, motorcycles, video games, and hanging with his super cool wife and two pups.

At RoundTable, Shanna is a member of the Cybersecurity and Women in Tech teams. She is passionate about emerging technology trends and thought leadership, and is a guest article contributor and frequent speaker about risk and compliance. When she's not providing compliance counseling and TPRM therapy, she loves scuba diving and her fur baby, Biggie.