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What it's all about

Building on seven years of success with our "Best Ever" series, we're leaping into a new arena: Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Designed specifically for the passionate and progressive nonprofit community, this session will demystify AI and guide your organization to tap into its boundless potential.

Just as the frog on the lily pad doesn't realize the rapid multiplication of its environment, AI's growth might seem overwhelming. Yet, we're here to show you that, like the frog, you're more than capable of understanding and harnessing this expansive ecosystem.


  1. What can lily pads teach us about AI - hint... exponential growth!

    1. Dive deep into the world of exponential technologies. Using the analogy of lily pads, we'll show you how AI mirrors this rapid, expansive growth and why it's vital for nonprofits to understand and adapt.

  2. Nonprofit and AI - Why now?

    1. Explore the current AI landscape and discover why it's the perfect time for nonprofits to integrate AI into their strategies. We'll touch on recent developments, cost efficiencies, and the transformative power AI brings to mission-driven organizations.

  3. Using AI to create content

    1. Engage audiences like never before! Uncover innovative methods of using AI to craft compelling content, tailor messages for your donors, and streamline your organization's content production.

  4. Predictive AI - Learning from data

    1. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Learn how AI can sift through your organization's data to predict trends, donor behaviors, and even potential challenges, enabling proactive strategies that put you ahead of the curve.

  5. Using AI to support nonprofits' missions

    1. It's not just about technology; it's about purpose. Discover inspiring case studies of nonprofits that have successfully integrated AI to amplify their impact, achieve their missions, and create lasting change in the communities they serve.

Join us on this journey to equip your nonprofit with the tools and knowledge to not just survive, but thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Don't just be a spectator; leap ahead with us and make your mark in the expansive AI pond! 



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Destiny Bowers

Looking to go Google, bounce to Box, move to Microsoft or dabble in Dropbox? Destiny Bowers is our Cloud Solutions expert and can help you navigate your path to the cloud: from planning to migration to training and optimization. Destiny is also a member of our Cybersecurity and Project Management Teams, making her a rare IT triple threat that can handle the technology, the security and the people. With two decades of IT experience across a wide range of projects and platforms, she's helped organizations large and small, nonprofit and for-profit, cloud-loving and cloud-phobic to select and implement technology that helps them succeed.




Joshua Peskay

Joshua is usually one of the first people new clients of RoundTable meet. And this explains why so many of them go on to enjoy a long and profitable partnership with us. Friendly and enthusiastic, Joshua has been helping non-profit organizations get more out of their technology since the 1990s. Over the last three decades, he's helped thousands of nonprofits meet their goals and help people. He loves helping organizations think more strategically about their tech and make smart decisions.

Kim Bio Pic


Kim Snyder

RoundTable Technology is dedicated to creating a roadmap for companies to succeed through technology. Kim fits right in with over 20 years of experience with data systems, business analysis and change management, not to mention accolades as an Agile Coach, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a ACP (Agile Certified Professional). Kim has recently completed the CIPP/US certification as an Information Privacy Professional.

Kim is definitely a people person. She’s all about communication and she acts as the conscience of the company, making sure we complete projects, meet deadlines and exceed the expectations of our customers each and every time.

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Shanna Utgard

HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, oh my! Shanna Utgard is the vCIO - Compliance at RoundTable Technology, where she guides organizations on navigating the complex requirements of compliance frameworks and regulations. Shanna has strategized with thousands of organizations on the best ways to manage risk, create a security culture, and ace their audits and assessments.

At RoundTable, Shanna is a member of the Cybersecurity and Women in Tech teams. She is passionate about emerging technology trends and thought leadership, and is a guest article contributor and frequent speaker about risk and compliance. When she's not providing compliance counseling and TPRM therapy, she loves scuba diving and her fur baby, Biggie.