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Best Free One-Hour Project Management Training Ever!

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What it's all about

Project management is a superpower!

We know you have essential projects to successfully complete for your organization, but managing change is difficult!

Project management skills are essential for balancing your nonprofit's time and resource constraints while moving things forward. So whether you’re upgrading your data system, implementing MFA, redoing your website -- or any projects on your long list -- this free webinar is for you.

Joshua Peskay and Kim Snyder (certified PMP and Agile Practitioner) have been teaching nonprofit professionals project management skills for decades. This free, one-hour webinar brings together project management essentials and will give you a set of proven strategies and resources to get you moving.

Fair warning: This webinar will leave you with no more excuses for standing still. Only attend if you're ready to start moving!

Among the topics we'll be covering are:

- Understanding the “job to be done”
- Project prioritization
- Planning principles
- Communications methods
- Benefit complexity
- Change strategy

And if you need a little incentive for your staff, we’ll be giving out over $200 in prizes throughout the webinar! Anyone attending, whether by themselves or in a conference room full of people, will have chances to win cash prizes!

If you can't attend the webinar but want to watch it, no problem! Register anyway and you'll get a link to the recording emailed to you within a day or two following the webinar. Do be aware that ONLY LIVE attendees will be eligible to win the cash prizes.





Kim Snyder

VP of Data Strategy

RoundTable Technology is dedicated to creating a roadmap for companies to succeed through technology. Kim fits right in with over 20 years of experience with data systems, business analysis and change management, not to mention accolades as an Agile Coach, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a ACP (Agile Certified Professional). Kim has recently completed the CIPP/US certification as an Information Privacy Professional.

Kim is definitely a people person. She’s all about communication and she acts as the conscience of the company, making sure we complete projects, meet deadlines and exceed the expectations of our customers each and every time.



Joshua Peskay

Joshua Peskay is the vCIO and Cybersecurity expert at RoundTable Technology and an accomplished technology leader with more than two decades of experience leading technology change for over a thousand New York City nonprofit organizations. Joshua has a proven track-record for ​planning, implementing and supporting a wide range of successful technology solutions for nonprofits. Joshua is committed to helping organizations sort through the rapid pace of technological change to select the best products and services available and use them effectively.

In recent years, Joshua has been focusing on cybersecurity in the nonprofit sector, working with at-risk organizations to address digital security challenges and providing cybersecurity training and awareness programs to thousands of nonprofit personnel.