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Why Building Digital Trust Should Be Your Priority This Year

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What it's all about

Data breaches and privacy requirements are on the rise. How can you protect your constituents’ personal data and comply with GDPR? How can you adapt to big changes in digital marketing, such as devices with privacy settings and Google's upcoming plan to block third-party cookies within the next year? How can nonprofits use trust to their advantage in building relationships?

RoundTable Technology in conjunction with Agility Lab Consulting will be hosting a webinar, "Why Building Digital Trust Should Be Your Priority This Year” — Join us to learn more about:

- The meaning and implications of "an individual's right to privacy" under GDPR

- The responses of Big Tech to audience demand for privacy

- The importance and benefits of trust in building and sustaining relationships

- Strategic tips for future-proofing your digital marketing to honor privacy

Learn how and why to build digital trust in 2023 and beyond. Register now!

Kim Snyder, VP of Data Strategy at RoundTable Technology and Elyse Wallnutt, Founder of Agility Lab Consulting will be your hosts for the session.




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Elyse Wallnutt

I specialize in assessing and helping you right-size and reinvigorate your internal solutions portfolio – including current-state approach to content strategy, financial projections, tech stack integration, media investments, and user experience design – and using findings to build an integrated vision that refines KPI targets and breaks down channel silos.

I’ve had the privilege of helping to scale the brands below from both in-house and agency settings. You can find my portfolio here. As the marketing landscape changes, I'll come alongside you to help you prepare. See how I can help.

Outside of work, I design snarky greeting cards, coach [solidcore] pilates, chase my dogs, and battle my three brothers in Wordle daily.

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Kim Snyder

RoundTable Technology is dedicated to creating a roadmap for companies to succeed through technology. Kim fits right in with over 20 years of experience with data systems, business analysis and change management, not to mention accolades as an Agile Coach, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a ACP (Agile Certified Professional). Kim has recently completed the CIPP/US certification as an Information Privacy Professional.

Kim is definitely a people person. She’s all about communication and she acts as the conscience of the company, making sure we complete projects, meet deadlines and exceed the expectations of our customers each and every time.