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Smart Tech Investments That Pay Off For Nonprofits - Members Only

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What it's all about

Join us on May 9th at 2pm EST for "Smart Tech Investments That Pay Off for Nonprofits," where we will delve into the world of technology projects that can significantly save your nonprofit organization money in the upcoming fiscal year. This session is especially curated for nonprofit members who are currently working with RoundTable!

This event is designed to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations. Our expert hosts will lead you through an array of tech investments that cater to the unique needs and fiscal limitations typical within the nonprofit environment. We will explore a variety of essential topics, including virtual solutions, collaborative tools, cybersecurity enhancements, and data analytics, all aimed at empowering your organization to make informed technology decisions. Join us to uncover how these strategic tech choices can result in significant cost savings for your nonprofit.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Insightful discussions on a range of cost-saving technology projects
  • Real-world examples of successful tech implementations in nonprofits
  • Interactive Q&A session to address your specific queries
  • Expert advice from RoundTable Technology's seasoned professionals
  • Tips on assessing your nonprofit's tech needs and aligning them with strategic goals

Whether you are looking to optimize your current tech infrastructure or explore new investments, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge to make smart tech choices that deliver tangible benefits. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your nonprofit's technological landscape and achieve financial efficiency.

Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards leveraging technology to foster your nonprofit's success!



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Joshua Peskay

Joshua Peskay is our resident Cybersecurity expert at RoundTable Technology and an accomplished technology leader with more than two decades of experience leading technology change for over a thousand New York City nonprofit organizations. Joshua has a proven track-record for ​planning, implementing and supporting a wide range of successful technology solutions for nonprofits. Joshua is committed to helping organizations sort through the rapid pace of technological change to select the best products and services available and use them effectively.


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Shanna Utgard

HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, oh my! Shanna Utgard is the vCIO - Compliance at RoundTable Technology, where she guides organizations on navigating the complex requirements of compliance frameworks and regulations. Shanna has strategized with thousands of organizations on the best ways to manage risk, create a security culture, and ace their audits and assessments.

At RoundTable, Shanna is a member of the Cybersecurity and Women in Tech teams. She is passionate about emerging technology trends and thought leadership, and is a guest article contributor and frequent speaker about risk and compliance. When she's not providing compliance counseling and TPRM therapy, she loves scuba diving and her fur baby, Biggie.



Dawn Gallery-Khan

Dawn is a big thinker but also keeps a keen eye on the little details. She has an innate understanding of how nonprofits operate and how to help them meet the needs of their members and donors. She's also helped whip the team here at RoundTable into shape and makes sure we are providing our clients with the right mix of services and that we're always operating at an elite level whoever we're helping.