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Nonprofit Web Security: Best Practices to Keep Your Data Safe

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What it's all about

Ever found yourself feeling like you’ve used that password one too many times? Or maybe you’ve experienced a cyber attack with no idea what to do to keep it from happening again!

With so much else on your plate, it’s hard to keep up with the latest security trends to know how you can protect yourself and your organization with some basic web security measures.

Join us for a WEBSITE SECURITY webinar with Cornershop Creative on JULY 18th at 2 PM ET! We’ll cover everything you need to know to help you, including:

  • SSL certificates
  • Healthy password hygiene
  • Passkeys instead of passwords
  • Recovery Keys
  • Software & plugin updates
  • Secure hosting & monitoring tools
  • Ransomware hacks
  • DDoS attacks and protecting yourself

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De’Yonté Wilkinson | Chief Technology Officer - Cornershop Creative 

De’Yonté Wilkinson is a late-80s baby who found his passion for web design and development during MySpace’s heyday, when he helped his friends create awesome profiles. With a BA in New Media and Computer Science from Salisbury University, he’s spent the last three years specializing in WordPress and conversion optimization, and is an active proponent of coding guidelines. In his off time he enjoys cooking, Rugby, and hanging out with his wife.