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How to Apply for Up to $50,000 for Cybersecurity Projects: Part 2

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What it's all about

Governor Hochul announced on November 7th, 2022 that $96 million will be available to improve safety at nonprofit, community-based organizations that are at risk of hate crimes and attacks.

The deadline for grant submissions is February 28, 2023.

In this second edition of this informational webinar we will going more in depth on tactics you can use to win this grant, definitely if your organization can qualify, and templates for use for organizations wishing to utilize our cybersecurity services.





Joshua Peskay

Joshua Peskay is the vCIO and Cybersecurity expert at RoundTable Technology and an accomplished technology leader with more than two decades of experience leading technology change for over a thousand New York City nonprofit organizations. Joshua has a proven track-record for ​planning, implementing and supporting a wide range of successful technology solutions for nonprofits. Joshua is committed to helping organizations sort through the rapid pace of technological change to select the best products and services available and use them effectively.

In recent years, Joshua has been focusing on cybersecurity in the nonprofit sector, working with at-risk organizations to address digital security challenges and providing cybersecurity training and awareness programs to thousands of nonprofit personnel.