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Quad - TechSoup's Community for Those Who Combat Hunger

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What it's all about

It’s a crucial time when food security organizations around the world need to keep pace with growing demand. In Quad you can share ideas, find and lend support, and get answers from a community of people who are alongside you on the journey to combat hunger.

This is the first step in launching Quad, a peer-to-peer community. We are starting with those groups — no matter their mission statement — that are providing meals and food in their communities. We want to help you as you make sure people in your community do not go hungry.

It's a unique online space where you can celebrate your wins and learn from others. Membership includes access to technology services, products, courses, articles, forum discussions, virtual events, and a peer-to-peer support network.  This membership provides access to tech products, services, and courses in the TechSoup catalog for one single fee.

Learn how Quad can help your organization save hundreds of dollars every year.



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Susan Tenby

TechSoup Director of Global Community

Susan Tenby has worked in online community management for 20 years. As the original Online Community Manager of TechSoup, Tenby was responsible for launching TechSoup’s community and social media presence. As Director of Global Community for TechSoup, she currently leads a team of social media managers to help our partners manage their communities and to extend the reach of their online networks. Tenby uses her community management skills and social media listening expertise to analyze social networks, build community and generate leads. She also leads social media marketing strategy for the TechSoup global enterprise; and oversees the management of the primary social channels for the organization.



Aaron Dowell

TechSoup Program Manager, Quad Member Services

Aaron Dowell is the Program Manager, Quad Member Services. His background includes launching product offers, building strategic relationships, administering vertical-directed partner programs, engaging multi-site/branch organizations and supporting community impact projects.