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Scary Stories: How Tabletops Can Keep the CyberMonsters Away

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What it's all about

What’s a tabletop? And why should you be interested?

Cybercrime is something that happens to somebody else -- right up until it happens to your organization. Tabletops are scenario-based discussions that enable organizations to understand the potential impact of different types of cyber threats. Tabletops also enable organizations to develop clear steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of cybercrime.

During the webinar there will be two different demonstrations of tabletop exercises performed live. By attending the webinar you’ll learn:

  • What tabletop exercises are, how to conduct them, and why they help
  • How tabletop exercises play an essential role in organizational preparedness for responding to cybersecurity incidents
  • How to use the results of your tabletops to develop and prioritize a cybersecurity plan




Joshua Peskay

Joshua Peskay is the Vice President of Technology Strategy at RoundTable Technology and an accomplished technology leader with more than two decades of experience leading technology change for over a thousand New York City nonprofit organizations. Joshua has a proven track-record for ​planning, implementing and supporting a wide range of successful technology solutions for nonprofits. Joshua is committed to helping organizations sort through the rapid pace of technological change to select the best products and services available and use them effectively.

In recent years, Joshua has been focusing on cybersecurity in the nonprofit sector, working with at-risk organizations to address digital security challenges and providing cybersecurity training and awareness programs to thousands of nonprofit personnel.



Destiny Bowers

Destiny Bowers is RoundTable's Director of Cloud Solutions. If your organization looking to go Google, bounce to Box, move to Microsoft or dabble in Dropbox, Destiny is our expert. She can help you navigate your path to the cloud: from planning to migration to training and optimization. Destiny is also a member of our Cybersecurity and Project Management Teams, making her a rare IT triple threat that can handle the technology, the security and the people. With two decades of IT experience across a wide range of projects and platforms, she's helped organizations large and small, nonprofit and for-profit, cloud-loving and cloud-phobic to select and implement technology that helps them succeed.