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There and Back Again

A Journey to Cybersecurity Frameworks, Fundamentals, and Foundations

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What it's all about


Amidst the ever-looming cybersecurity threats, the ever-changing landscape of technology, the rise of hybrid work environments, the enactment of new data privacy laws, and the heightened cybersecurity expectations from insurers and partners, the adoption of cybersecurity best practices has transitioned from a mere preference to an absolute necessity for nonprofits and NGOs.

In this thrilling session, we invite you to embark on an epic quest to unearth the very foundations of cybersecurity within your organization.

Throughout this perilous journey, we will unveil the secrets behind a formidable cybersecurity foundation. Discover the core elements and fundamentals essential for crafting a cybersecurity program and unravel the mysteries of frameworks Fear not, for we shall also provide you with an array of free tools and resources, empowering you to forge a robust cybersecurity fortress.

As we venture through treacherous paths, we will unveil immediate actions your organization can undertake to elevate its cybersecurity defenses. By the end of this adventure, armed with newfound knowledge, skills, and templates, you will be well-prepared to navigate the winding road ahead and safeguard your organization’s digital realm.

So gather your fellowship and join us in this extraordinary quest, where we shall conquer the challenges of cybersecurity frameworks, delve into the fundamentals, and lay the unshakable foundations of digital protection. The time has come to embark on a journey to cybersecurity excellence, “There and Back Again.”


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Destiny Bowers

Cybersecurity & Cloud Strategy


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Shanna Utgard

Cybersecurity & Compliance