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Privacy Under Siege: How Nonprofits Can Stay Safe While Doing Sensitive Work

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What it's all about

Join us on June 13, 2024, at 2 PM EST to explore the continuum of data sensitivity and the corresponding protections for each level.

This session, led by Joshua Peskay and Kim Snyder of RoundTable Technology and Shauna Dillavou of Brightlines, will provide an in-depth exploration of data security essentials and present actionable strategies to shield your nonprofit’s staff and constituents, especially those at risk or feeling unsafe.

Key Topics:

  • Keeping sensitive information safe and private

  • "Trust no one": Strict security practices to protect your organization

  • Extra security steps for protecting critical data and vulnerable populations

  • Special considerations to safeguard at-risk groups and individuals

  • How to collaborate securely with partners, donors and constituents in the nonprofit world

This webinar is designed for nonprofit leaders eager to fortify their cybersecurity defenses and secure their mission-critical activities. Gain valuable insights and practical tools to effectively protect your organization's sensitive data and help ensure the safety of your team.



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Joshua Peskay

Joshua is usually one of the first people new clients of RoundTable meet. And this explains why so many of them go on to enjoy a long and profitable partnership with us. Friendly and enthusiastic, Joshua has been helping non-profit organizations get more out of their technology since the 1990s. Over the last three decades, he's helped thousands of nonprofits meet their goals and help people. He loves helping organizations think more strategically about their tech and make smart decisions.



Kim Snyder

RoundTable Technology is dedicated to creating a roadmap for companies to succeed through technology. Kim fits right in with over 20 years of experience with data systems, business analysis and change management, not to mention accolades as an Agile Coach, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a ACP (Agile Certified Professional). Kim has recently completed the CIPP/US certification as an Information Privacy Professional.

Kim is definitely a people person. She’s all about communication and she acts as the conscience of the company, making sure we complete projects, meet deadlines and exceed the expectations of our customers each and every time.

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Shauna Dillavou

CEO and founder of Brightlines, an anti-doxxing service designed to protect people running for office and serving our democracy.

Security expert with 15+ years of experience protecting people who are at risk because of their work, gender, or ethnicity. Former intelligence analyst, who spent the last decade protecting democracy activists from discovery and reprisal by authoritarian regimes. Member of the Truman National Security Project, and Boren Fellow in Beijing. Technologist.

Thrilled to be helping more people - especially women and people of color - safely participate in our democracy.