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Will 2022 Be Your Year of Data?

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What it's all about

Is data still a four-letter word at your organization? Do your data systems and processes feel more like a liability than an asset? Does “data culture” sound like a faraway luxury rather than reality? What would it take for 2022 to be the year when you started building a data culture at your organization?

The good news is that the path to building a data culture is an evolution. There are basic steps that any organization can take, no matter where you are on the data conundrum continuum. Join us for a 1-hour learning lunch where we will examine common pain points that nonprofits face with effective data management and identify basic steps you can start taking to turn around the state of data at your organization.


In this session, we’ll be addressing these questions:

Does your data have an owner and why does that matter?
What are data workflows and how do “non-data” people do them?
How do we know if we need a new system?
What should we do if our data seems unreliable?
What are the risks of old data?


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Kim Snyder, PMP, CIPP/US

VP of Data Strategy

RoundTable Technology is dedicated to creating a roadmap for companies to succeed through technology. Kim fits right in with over 20 years of experience with data systems, business analysis and change management, not to mention accolades as an Agile Coach, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a ACP (Agile Certified Professional). Kim has recently completed the CIPP/US certification as an Information Privacy Professional.

Kim is definitely a people person. She’s all about communication and she acts as the conscience of the company, making sure we complete projects, meet deadlines and exceed the expectations of our customers each and every time.




Heather Troidl

Director of Support Services

Heather brings 20 years of experience in a variety of IT roles including business analysis, project management, product management, testing, and release management. Throughout her career, she has worked at both large-scale levels and at small business levels delivering technology solutions. Heather is a BVOP certified Project Manager and enjoys helping customers plan for success. Heather is originally from Buffalo, NY and has lived in Maine for 12 years. In her free time she enjoys kayaking and being in the Maine outdoors with her family.