Navigating the Texas Cybersecurity Framework For Nonprofits

If you receive state grant funds, Texas mandates compliance with the Texas Cybersecurity Framework

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Welcome to Your Guide to Cybersecurity Compliance in Texas

In the digital age, cybersecurity is more than a buzzword; it's a necessity, especially for nonprofits who often handle sensitive information. That's why we're offering a comprehensive, free guide tailored for nonprofit organizations to navigate the Texas Cybersecurity Framework. Our guide is designed to demystify cybersecurity regulations and provide you with the knowledge and tools to protect your organization effectively.

Why This Guide Is Essential for Your Nonprofit

Texas has specific cybersecurity requirements that can seem daunting, especially for nonprofits with limited resources. Understanding these regulations is crucial for maintaining your organization's integrity and the trust of those you serve. Our guide breaks down the Texas Cybersecurity Framework into understandable segments, offering actionable insights for your nonprofit to stay compliant and secure.

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