Cloud Services

Cloud computing offers small businesses and nonprofits the opportunity to get world-class technology services, infrastructure, and security without owning and building it yourself. RoundTable Technology will help you understand the different Cloud offerings, select the most appropriate solutions for your organization, and help you use them effectively.

RoundTable Technology was originally founded as a Cloud Services pioneer - Cloud isn’t an “add-on” for us, it’s in our DNA. That means we’re not heavily invested in selling expensive on-premise infrastructure, which has traditionally been the norm in technology. Our approach to technology is nimble and advanced because our “Cloud-first” philosophy, leadership, and expertise was built from the ground up and still remains today. We live and work in the Cloud, so we walk the walk when it comes to the Cloud.

RoundTable Technology embraces Cloud Services by providing:

  • Expertise in Google Apps and Office 365, as well as many other hosted offerings, including custom Cloud solutions
  • A “Cloud-first” approach to infrastructure conversations
  • Appropriate solutions for your environment, culture, and organization
  • Migration of your infrastructure and tools and data
  • Support before, during, and after the Cloud transition
  • Enterprise grade infrastructure at a fraction of the cost to build it yourself
  • Training and educational resources for staff
  • Established policies and best practices for Cloud-base working